BlushWe are very excited to let you know that we will be expanding our colour range again in August adding five new colours to our standard range and in addition creating three new lace combinations at the same time meaning the amount of colours in our standard range will total 52 and the number of colour combinations in our lace range will be 36. Which is quite a lot of colours right?!

Standard Colours

The first of our new colours for August 2016 is ‘Blush’ which is a really neutral soft nude pink. Our current bestselling pink is Dusky Pink but for some this is too dark or too strong a pink colour (although Dusky Pink is undoubtedly a lovely colour and we’re expecting it to remain as the most popular) but the Blush colour has been created to fill the gap between the palest pinks we currently offer and the paleness of Ivory. Because the new ‘Blush’ colour is such a pale colour it is going to be one of the colours we recommend to have double layered in the Willow dress style (due to the nature of pale colours the fabric has a slight translucence even though it is the same thickness and quality as all the others in our range – by having the dress double layered the second layer of fabric can then act as a lining).

HeatherOur next new colour is ‘Heather’, a muted purple that provides a softer colour option in contrast to our current more vibrant selection of purple colours. ‘Heather’ is the first of two new purple tones being added to the collection, the second being ‘Wisteria’, both of these colours are inspired by the beautiful flowers that they are named after and are also on trend with the emerging popular purple-grey hues. Heather is a darker colour with a slight grey tone and a hint of brown whereas Wisteria is a paler more blue-grey purple; both are really flattering to all skin tones and they look great paired together for mix & match bridesmaids.
‘Periwinkle’ is the new blue colour we are adding to the range, again it’s soft and muted which is what so many brides look for in the colour of their bridesmaids dresses. At first glance Periwinkle could be mistaken for the new Wisteria colour as they are very similar in tone but put the two colours next to each other and Periwinkle is most definitely blue whereas Wisteria is purple. At first we thought we ought to choose either one or the other rather than have both but we are always getting enquiries for a paler purple than we already have and we have always felt that the Powder Blue currently in the range is still a very vibrant pastel colour and that it would be great to have a dusty blue colour to offer as well so decided we’d simply have to go with both!

PeriwinkleThe final new colour for the range is ‘Sage’ which is a colour we have been searching for since the very beginning and have never been able to find, the closest we came to finding the pale green colour we wanted was our current ‘Vintage Green’ which is a limited edition colour – we weren’t able to secure a reliable supply of the Vintage Green fabric and so brought a bulk amount then and there. Our new Sage colour along with the other four new colours have been developed especially for Willow & Pearl so they are to our exact requirements and we are delighted to be able to finally offer the Sage colour that we have always wanted to.

Lace Colour Combinations

In addition to having the new colours to add to our standard range it also means we can add more colour combinations to our lace range of adult and flower girl dresses. The solid Blush colour will be matched up to the Blush lace we currently have creating the colour combination ‘Blush Lace’ in addition to ‘Blush & Ivory’ and ‘Blush & Cappuccino’ that are currently in the lace range. Periwinkle will similarly be teamed up with its lace counterpart to make the lace colour combination ‘Periwinkle Lace’ to sit alongside the ‘Periwinkle & Ivory’ combination that is already available.

Sage is the last new colour to be combined with one of our existing lace colours; ‘Sage & Soft Sage’ will be paired up together. As the different names suggest these sage colours are not an exact match (as they are with Blush and Periwinkle) but they look lovely together and actually it looks pretty great when the solid colour of fabric is slightly darker than the lace overlay as it creates more depth and texture and enhances the lace pattern really nicely.

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We hope you will like our new colours as much as we do and would love to hear from you if you have ideas for other new colours that we could add to the range at some point in the not too distant future. We will make a big song and dance of the new colours when they are available to order so watch this space or if you are particularly interested in the sound of one of these colours you can always contact us to find out more details.