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Can the dresses be altered?

All of the dresses are made from our signature fabric which stretches softly meaning you won’t need to have any alterations to get the perfect fit, this saves time, money and makes sorting out all your bridesmaids with a great fitting dress really easy.

Do you have any maternity dresses?

We don’t have any specific maternity bridesmaid’s dresses however the Willow multiway dress if flexible enough to easily accommodate a growing baby bump, the dress can be worn higher up under the bust rather than on the waist making it maternity friendly and incredibly comfortable. All of our dresses are made from our signature stretch fabric meaning that there is lots of flexibility when it comes to having a bump, even if the baby bump is too big to fit into one of our dresses the dress can easily be customised to a more maternity friendly style.

How long are the dresses?

The full length dresses come in a standard length and an extra-long length, the standard length dress is approximately floor length on someone about 5’7” wearing 3” heels. The extra-long length dress is cut as long as the fabric width allows is approximately 5” longer than the standard length meaning it is approximately floor length for someone about 6’2” wearing 3” heels.

Can the dresses be shortened?

All our dresses are extremely easy to shorten as they only need to be cut and not hemmed. The fabric is woven in such a way that it doesn’t fray or unravel and the fabric actually drapes better when unhemmed. Although they are easy to shorten its best to get a professional to do it for you using a rotary blade to cut them as this will give the best finish.