Multiway Dresses


How do multiway dresses work?

Multiway dresses have two very long straps attached to the waistband of the dress that can be wrapped, twisted, looped and knotted around the torso to create different necklines and dress styles. There are so many different ways to wrap the dress – some are really classic and timeless, some a little more unique and others perhaps only for the brave! Our signature fabric is wonderfully versatile and can be softly stretched and wrapped to fit and mould beautifully across different body shapes and sizes.

What’s the difference between the Willow & Pearl multiway dresses?

The Willow dress has a beautiful floaty, full skirt whereas the Pearl dress is a more fitted skirt shape – close fitting over the hips and flares out gently to the ankles creating a straight, column style silhouette. Our Willow dress is our most popular style suiting and flattering all shapes and sizes and perfect for twirling. For those wanting something more fitted and structured the Pearl dress is a must.

What is the difference between the standard Willow dress and the Double Layered Willow dress?

The standard Willow dress has a single layer of fabric on the skirt part of the dress whereas the double layered dress has an additional layer of fabric on the skirt part of the dress. Double layered dresses are recommended for the palest colours in the collection like Ivory, Blush, Pistachio, Primrose and a few others – the double layer of fabric stops the pale colour fabric having any translucency. You can have any dress double layered if you prefer - the double layer provides extra warmth, smooths over any lumps and bumps you might be worried about and also feels amazingly luxurious.