Ways to Wrap Multiway Dresses

Take a look at our ‘Ways to Wrap’ gallery for inspiration about how to tie our two multiway dress designs; both the super flattering full skirted Willow dress and the sleek fitted Pearl dress can be wrapped in all the ways shown here. These images featuring the Willow dress show just a few of the ways you can wrap our dresses – most of the front and back styles can be intermixed so if you like the way the dress looks from the front in one image but prefer the style of the back of a different dress in a different photo then mix it up! You can wrap the waist in a variety of different ways too and if that wasn’t enough choice and flexibility our strap slider accessories  can be used to create even more looks – just add them to the neck, shoulder back or waist.

Multiway Dress Strap Sliders

Multiway dress strap sliders can be used to add extra detail and a bit of glamour to both the Willow and the Pearl multiway dress designs. The strap sliders can be threaded on to the straps and positioned anywhere you’d like to create a detail or feature. The large single strap sliders are big enough to have both dress straps fed through and can be added to the neck area to make a halterneck dress, on top of the shoulder for a one-shoulder dress, the waist to accentuate the slimmest part and to the back of the dress either at the center of the shoulder blades or lower down near the hollow of the back. The small pairs of strap sliders are big enough to allow one strap of the dress to be fed through so can be used to adorn the straps on the top of your shoulders or on the front of the dress above the bust.