Blog 4 - Beautiful Low Cost Wedding Dress For some people their wedding day is about making all of their long awaited dreams come true, the perfect dress they have lusted after for years, top hairdressers and make-up artists, the most sought after location and the best food and drink money can buy – and why ever not? You’ll only do it once!

For others it’s all about pushing the boat out, saving up purposefully and getting the best they can for the budget they have.

But for some couples getting married is simply about getting married and to them having a wedding day that is special but isn’t too costly, meaning they can get married sooner than they might if they were having to save up lots beforehand and making sure there are no debts to pay after the big day.

The average wedding now costs a hefty £20,500 but with traditions becoming more relaxed and emphasis now placed on personalising the big day to you as a couple it’s much easier to work to a smaller budget.

However, even with the smallest budgets one of the last things to compromise upon is the brides wedding dress, and quite rightly so, a bride should feel beautiful on her wedding day but as Lizzie our beautiful bride featured here shows with a little bit of creativity and one of our double layered Willow dresses you can have a beautiful wedding dress without a large price tag.

[space ] For Lizzie it wasn’t just the price tag that was appealing but also the style, “I have always wanted a very simple bridal dress, and after looking in some bridal shops I realised that none of the traditional dresses were for me. I really wanted something that would look and feel ethereal, something that was light to wear and a dress with a floaty skirt”.

Initially Lizzie was considering different pale and neutral colours for her dress “When it came to making the dress, Willow & Pearl was brilliant. The designer initially sent me colour samples of all the colours I thought would look good for a wedding dress, this really helped as I ended up picking a different colour than the colour I originally wanted! Following this I sent my measurements and waited for the dress to come.”

[space ] Lizzie had a double layered long Willow dress in Ivory which is the same style as our best-selling Willow dress but has an additional layer of fabric added to the skirt part of the dress. We recommend to have this additional layer with the palest colours in the range (White, Ivory, Pastel Pink, Pale Peach and Primrose) because pale colours naturally have a tendency to be a little translucent and the extra layer acts as a lining. In addition to acting as a lining the double layer gives the dress a more luxurious weighty feeling that you’d expect from a more expensive dress. It’s not necessary to have any of the other colours double layered but if you want to have a more luxurious feeling dress and want a smoother appearance over your underwear you can have any short, midi or long Willow dress double layered for a just small amount more than the standard Willow dress.

[space ] To make Lizzie’s dress a little bit more special she asked if we could add a small train, we make all of the dresses to order so easily added a small 6 inch train for her at no extra cost. All of our long dresses are cut to a custom length for each person so after finding out Lizzies height and if she was wearing heels we worked out the length her dress needed to be and added on the extra for the train. We always try to accommodate any special requests like this for no extra cost however if you wanted an exceptionally long train added to your dress there may have to be a small charge.

[space ] It was then Lizzie who put the final finishing touches to her dress by adding a pretty woven lace style trim to the neckline edge of the dress straps “When it arrived I had a lot of fun trying out different styles and finally settled with one that showed my back and tied around the waist. To give it the final ‘bridal’ touch, I customised the dress with Victorian lace around the neck line, I hand-sewed the lace straight onto the material and it complimented it really well.”

[space ] If you’re not crafty or creative yourself and the thought of customising one of our dresses fills you with dread and spells almost certain disaster you could always add some detail to one of our dresses with any of our strap sliders. We have a variety of strap sliders which can be threaded on to the straps of the dress, large strap sliders which you can thread both straps through and pairs of small strap sliders which can be threaded on to each strap separately. Strap sliders start from £10 so it’s not expensive to add a little bit of extra detail to a dress.

[space ] “I felt absolutely amazing wearing my dress on my wedding day and got a huge number of compliments. The dress worked so well in the countryside venue we booked for our wedding.
Whether you want a simple ethereal wedding dress, or are looking for dresses that can be worn different ways by your bridesmaids, I can’t recommend Willow & Pearl enough.”

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