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Looking for long sleeve bridesmaids dresses? The search is over! You might be looking for long sleeve dresses because you’re having an Autumn or Winter wedding, maybe you’ve got a bridesmaid with a sleeve tattoo that you’d like to be covered up for your big day or perhaps one of your maids just doesn’t like  showing off her arms – either way we’ve got you covered (literally and metaphorically) with our 3/4 quarter sleeves and long sleeves dresses.

Our 3/4 sleeves and long sleeves make up part of our designer range where you can create your own customised dress design from our selection of different options. There’s 6 different bodices/necklines, 5 sleeve styles (2 or which are long) and 2 dress lengths that you can combine to create 60 different designs; add to that the 51 colours available and that means there’s a grand total of 3,060 different design combinations available – how cool is that?!

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The Fern dress has a V-neck design with dynamic waist pleats on the front and back. The waists pleats fade to nought on the shoulders so they are especially flattering creating the illusion of a slimmer waist which is then further enhanced with the nipped in waist and full skirted silhouette – even if you don’t have an hourglass figure this dress will make it look as though you do.

How sophisticated is the Fern dress with 3/4 length sleeves  shown here in Blush? So romantic and the Blush is such a friendly & wearable colour, even for the palest skin tones (trust me, I’m so pale I’m almost translucent). The Fern dress with full length sleeves is shown here in our ever popular Sage colour which is gorgeous too and is a colour that has been dyed especially for Willow & Pearl. All our designer dresses are made from the same luxurious stretch fabric we use across our range of multiway dresses which ensures a fantastic fit without the need for alterations so you can save yourself time, money and the extra hassle and best of all the softly stretching fabric means they are also ridiculously comfy to wear.

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Moon is our cowl back dress and has been cleverly designed so that the cowl at the back falls just above your bra strap so there no need to worry about expensive or complicated underwear, your standard T-shirt bra will do just fine. The cowl back oozes glamour and is reminiscent of the 30’s or 40’s styles for evening gowns. The feature cowl back is complemented with a simple, higher neckline at the front and has detailed shoulder pleats that flow down into the waist pleats. There’s also a couple of dainty little pleats on the waist at the back giving the illusion of a slimmer waist and balancing out the whole design.

Both the 3/4 length and full length sleeve dresses are shown here in Dove Grey – this colour has taken us by storm over the last couple of years and its easy to see why; Dove Grey is such a lovely colour with real depth of tone and it pretty much goes with everything in terms of colour which makes it the perfect colour for bridesmaids.

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Cloud – my absolute favourite dress design so far! I adore a cowl neckline so I knew there had to be one featured in the designer range and here she is. The cloud dress has delicate waist and shoulder pleats on the front and back of the dress and the super soft fabric tumbles gently down into soft folds at the neckline. I don’t know what it is about a cowl neck that gets me; is there something about the informal but formal looks to it? Who know but for any bridesmaid that loves a cowl neck then the Cloud dress is sure to please.

Cloud is featured here in Soft Navy with 3/4 length sleeves and in Heather with the full length sleeves as a midi length dress. All our designer dresses are available as midi length styles as well a long dresses and we also offer extra long dresses so even if you’re tall you can still wear your heel sand have a floor skimming elegant dress to wear.

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The Temple dress has a simple bateau (straight) neckline made famous by Meghan’s wedding dress and dainty waist pleats on the front and back. Temple is chic and has an air of understated glamour – before Meghan this was Audrey Hepburn’s signature look and it looks as good now as it did then. The Temple dress as with all our other designer dresses has a floaty skirt that is designed to be flattering for all shapes and sizes – the clever cutting means that it creates a smooth curve from your waist to hip and falls beautifully over your derriere whatever its shape and size – you might not believe me when I say this so order a sample dress and see for yourself!

The Temple dresses are shown here in Heather (another one of our custom dyed colours) and Ivory. The Ivory dress has a double layered skirt to combat any translucency but feels amazing to wear – if you can stretch yourself to the double layered option then do, you will look and feel a million dollars.

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Camellia features a neckline somewhere between a V-neck and a square neck. Camellia has a slightly renaissance feel but is mainly all about a classic and modest neckline and silhouette that flatters all shapes and sizes but is especially good for a bigger bust.  The midi Camellia dress is shown here is Dusky Pink and the full length 3/4 sleeve dress is in Heather.

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Lotus is the sister dresses to Temple – same delicate waist pleats front and back but on Lotus there is a scooped neckline complemented with a deeply scooped back albeit not that deeply scooped as its still bra friendly! There’s something really charming about the Lotus dress – it’s really simple and understated but its feminine and really rather sweet. Lotus with 3/4 length sleeves in shown here in Wisteria our palest purple and the full length sleeves are on an Ivory dress and doesn’t it just look stunning?!

I don’t think I ever really appreciated Lotus until we did the styled shoot these images are taken from,  whilst it was styled as a bridesmaids dress I looked at it and thought this would be beautiful for a bride too! In fact I think any other designer dress combinations, long sleeve of short, would make for a fantastic wedding dress and would be very budget friendly too so perhaps worth considering if you having a more low-key affair or want something a bit more dance floor friendly for your evening?