Lucy & Harry’s traditional church wedding was all about celebrating their marriage with family, friends and their close community with nothing too over the top or impersonal to them . This young couple’s understated and classic wedding shows how very much they are in love they are and that a wedding isn’t all about flamboyance and novelty its about the person you are marrying and the love that you have for each other.

Where did you meet?

Harry and I went to single sex schools which used to hold joint school events. During the 6th form we had a public speaking competition which we both took part in, I won and Harry came second. We didn’t talk for another year until we were at a friend’s 18th birthday party, and that was it!

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Was it love at first sight?

More like, immense satisfaction for me, and bitter disappointment for Harry! But when we met at the party the following year there was definitely something between us.

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How did he pop the question?

We’d been at different universities doing our degrees and used to travel between Durham and Norwich to see each other on weekends. When we’d moved back home to live with our parents, Harry suggested a trip back to Durham to see my friends. He then took me on a nighttime walk to the highest point in the city overlooking the Cathedral, where he got down on one knee. Despite the fact his contact lens broke so his eye was red and streaming, and the fact the Cathedral wasn’t illuminated but the train station sign was, it was the perfect proposal.

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Tell us about the ring!

It’s a sparkly diamond in a classic solitaire setting on a gold band. Harry went to a jewellers in Hatton Garden so he could pick out the diamond and band himself after saving all his money from his summer job to buy it.

Lucy & Harry's Traditional White Wedding 6

What did you do for your hen party?

I had afternoon tea at a vintage charity tea shop with friends and family, then had an afternoon of quizzes for myself and the hens. We went out for dinner before going out dancing (although we were home for midnight in true Cinderella style!).

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Tell us about your dress?

It was a Pronovias Duchess Satin ball gown with a custom made lace bodice because I wanted my shoulders covered. As clichéd as it sounds, I tried it on and felt like a princess and knew that was my dress.

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Did you have something old, something new, something borrowed something blue?

I’d always wanted my Nanny to make my wedding dress as she’d made my Mum’s and Auntie’s. As she died a few years ago my Mum used the satin and lace from her wedding dress to make a heart to go in my wedding dress pocket. The date was embroidered on in blue – perfect combination of something old and something blue. My something new were my Jimmy Choo shoes (I’d been saving for ages!), and my something borrowed was a lovely pearl bracelet from Rachel, a lady at my church.

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Tell us about your bridesmaids?

My sister was my chief bridesmaid, there was never any question about that! I also had Harry’s sister Catherine, and my cousin Mary.

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Where did you hear about Willow and Pearl?

Completely out of the blue on Google!

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Did you decide upon the bridesmaid’s dresses by yourself or was it a group decision with all the bridesmaids?

I stumbled upon the website whilst searching for wrap around dresses one Saturday morning (feeling a bit miserable because I hadn’t found the perfect bridesmaid dress yet!). So the decision was made unintentionally by myself, but as soon as I saw them I knew they’d look perfect on the girls.

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How did the bridesmaids wear their dresses?

They all had a matching bandeau and had the straps over their shoulders and wrapped around their waists tied at the back.

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Do you think your bridesmaids will wear their dresses again?
I hope so!
What was it like getting ready on the morning of your wedding day? How did you feel?
I felt so peaceful. I expected to be nervous and stressed but I’ve never been so calm! I knew that whatever happened I would be marrying Harry at 12:30 and that was all I wanted in the end.

Where all of your bridesmaids with you getting ready?
I had the first half an hour to myself, then my sister brought me a special breakfast and the other bridesmaids arrived.

Did your bridesmaids have any special duties for the day?
As chief bridesmaid Emily was on constant duty sorting things for me! Catherine was on dress holding duty whilst I went to the toilet, and Mary watched out for my make up!

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Did you get your bridesmaids a gift?
I bought them all freshwater pearl earrings and bracelets.

What flowers did you have?
In the bouquets I had all white flowers, a mix of roses, hyacinths, freesias, peonies, lisianthus and gypsophila.

Did you throw your bouquet?
No! I really wanted to keep it to dry then press the flowers.

Where did you get married?
Our church, St Patrick’s, Wallington.

Did you have music to walk up the aisle?
When I was little I fell in love with the idea of walking down the aisle to Handel’s Zadok the Priest. Walking down the aisle to it with my Dad was such a special moment.

How did you decide on the style and look of your wedding?
We wanted something that was us, nothing too over the top of impersonal. The only things we wanted were a church service for everyone to attend, lots of flowers, and a family-feel party afterwards (and I wanted a princess dress!).

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Where did you get all your decorations?

We went to Covent Garden two days before the wedding to get the flowers. After that my Mum, Aunty and Letitia (the flower lady from church) decorated the inside of the church. We then decorated the reception ourselves and used Bows Hire for our drapes and fairy lights.

Did you have an additional entertainment or activities during the day?

We had a disco in the evening and a sweet cart which was my wedding present to Harry (he has a very sweet tooth).

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What was your first dance?

We danced to ‘Grow Old With You’ from the Wedding Singer. We are both young and this seemed very fitting!

What was the best part of your day?

Walking down the aisle and seeing Harry waiting for me, and saying our vows before God, and our extended families.

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What is your favorite photo from the day?

I love the candid photos where we are laughing together, like the one by the lake. But also the one where we are stood together smiling with our eyes closed. The whole day flew by and we were just so overjoyed I don’t think we could quite believe we were husband and wife! That photo captures the feeling for me, and I feel it again every time I look at it.
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What’s your advice for brides to be?

Accept the fact the weeks before get quite intense so just enjoy the experience. On the day just relax and take it in as much as possible – it is the best day of your life!

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Wedding Vendors:

Dress – Pronovias dress from The Wedding Dress Shop, Wimbledon

Shoes – Jimmy Choo

Harry’s suit & ushers – Young’s

Jewellery – Hearts of London

Bridesmaid dresses – Willow double layered multiway dress

Photography – Kalura Photgraphy

Cars – Shirley Chauffeurs

Sweet Cart – Pink And White Candy Cart